Preventing Pimples

Preventing Pimples

What are Pimples?

Pimple breakouts can occur after waxing because of bacteria, inflammation and irritation, but you can take steps to prevent the problem both before and after your waxing treatment.

Prepping to Prevent Pimples

  • Rid dead skin cells – Exfoliate 24/48hrs before the appointment, it will also help with opening up the pores, allowing for hair to be pulled directly from the root, so this helps you to get a better ending results as well.
  • Cleanse – Use a pre-wax cleanser on the skin with anti-microbial properties

Post Care after Waxing

  • Cleanse again – Apply witch hazel or aloe vera with a cotton ball or square. Its antiseptic and soothing properties can help ward off infection.
  • Don’t touch – Don’t touch the area or pop the pimples – bacteria may cause an infection; instead, use tea tree oil on the pimples
  • Exfoliate again – Gently exfoliate the area that has been waxed between 3 – 5 days after (if the area isn’t red or irritated). After 5 days, carry out a deep exfoliation. Continue to exfoliate about 2 times a week. Continuing to exfoliate regularly will help ward off pimples and ingrown hair
  • Beware of your spa habits – Stay away from pedicures if you’ve had a leg wax, including saunas and whirlpools if you’ve had any type of waxing treatment for the next two days. If you’ve had a body waxing, stick to a shower rather than a bath for the rest of the day.
  • Tight isn’t good – Stay clear of constricting clothing where you had the waxing for the next few days to avoid rubbing, which can lead to bumps. Also try to cover the waxed skin with cotton clothes if possible.
  • Don’t Exercise – Avoid exercising or participating in activities that make you sweat a lot for at least 24 hours.

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