Preventing Bumps

Preventing Bumps

Tine Red bumps can take on different forms – it can be immediately or a few hours after waxing – an inflammation of the hair follicles. Most bumps that occur after waxing usually only last for about three days, requiring only minor treatment to relieve the discomfort and prevent infection.

Prepping to Prevent Bumps

  • Exfoliate – 24hr/48hrs before waxing, it’s good to get rid of dead skin cells. It helps remove dirt and oil which otherwise could cause the hair follicle to become irritated after waxing.
  • Cleanse – Use a pre-wax cleanser on the skin with anti-microbial properties to remove dirt, oil, lotions and make-up, which prepares skin for waxing.

Post Care after Waxing

  • Cool the Area – A cool compress or a gentle wash after waxing may help reduce immediate, post-waxing irritation.
  • Cream – Using a soothing moisturizing lotion or cream such as Bepanthen or Sudocream for a day or two may help to reduce the inflammation.
  • Avoid Chemicals – Avoid swimming or using a hot tub for 24 – 48 hours.
  • Cleansing – make the effort to keep the area clean, and avoid sweaty clothing, sharing towels or clothing with others until bumps clear.
  • Tight isn’t good – Stay clear of constricting clothing where you had the wax treatment done for the next few days to avoid rubbing, which can lead to bumps. Also try to cover the waxed skin with cotton clothes if it is possible.
  • Don’t touch – Don’t touch the area or pop the pimples – bacteria may cause an infection; instead, use tea tree oil on the pimples

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